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Dolf Bekx (1972) is a versatile actor and theater maker specializing in improvisation. After many years in the event industry and live communication, he has made his way to authentic acting for camera and (location) theater. In addition to years of experience, he has followed many courses and De Nederlandse Acteursschool (the Dutch Actors School).


With many years of experience in live communication and in front of the camera, Dolf is a seasoned performer who knows how to be the right presenter for the occasion. Sometimes more fun, and other times structured and business-like, but always sincere, and with an eye for the subject, the purpose and the people. Dolf is a connector.


Dolf is a producer, director and concept writer with ongoing production experience under his company, More than 22 years in the business has brought a lot of interesting projects. Take a look at or read more here …


As moderator and chairman, Dolf is the face of your (online) conference or meeting. He is the presence of your organization and his performance radiates that, too. He is well prepared and knows his role as host, activator, mood manager, organizer and communicator with an eye for every detail. Many of his skills come into play as moderator. He is versatile in tasks and performance and excels at improvisation.

Voice over

Dolf will come to your studio for voice acting and voice over projects. He can also independently deliver recordings done in a professional studio of a colleague.

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